Uglydolls are a brand of cute creatures that come in different shapes and sizes. They come in different colors and have different personalities, according to their tags. There are four sizes, which include Jumbo size, regular size, smaller size, and keychain size. There are many uglydolls in the Uglyverse. pink Tray's, Suntan Target's, blue Ox's, red Ice Bat's, some with one eye, some with sharp, tiny teeth. Lots! THere are also many collections. Like the Big Toe collection, the OX collection, and the citizens of the Uglyverse.

The Big Toe Collection

The OX Collection

The Citizens of the Uglyverse (Not all included)

But there isn't just stuffed toys. Theres watches, action figures, shirts, hats, blankets, books, ceramics, tote bags, tin toys, wind-up toys, and pillows.

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