cjajjj one of the most experienced and best creators entertains every viewer in his path check him out

28 People on Youtube do much more with their Uglydolls. They make Uglydoll videos. At different ranks they put effort into their awesome videos to entertain everyone in the Youtube community. The 28 people from highest ranked to lowest are:

  • TheFunkeys (Has stopped making videos but has a new channel for other videos)
  • cjajjj (Has not made a new uglydoll video since 2011)
  • superugly18 (stopped making uglydoll videos sadly, now only making angry bird videos)
  • HoldyColdy (account closed)
  • theokwardkid (doesnt make uglydoll videos anymore, he makes lego videos now)
  • onearmedmario (still making uglydoll videos though his last video was uploaded 6 months ago)
  • thunderboundstudios (Account suspended. Has a new account called "Thunderboundstudios 2".)
  • OxRockz385 (hasnt made a video since last year, unsure about his state at making uglydoll videos)
  • uglydollsarehere1222 (new uglydoll filmmaker who joined December 4 2011 and still making uglydoll videos)
  • BadgerEater295 (still making uglydoll videos)
  • Uglyrockz (is announcing she is gonna restart making uglydoll videos)
  • vids2468 (still making uglydoll videos, shockingly this user has a little amount of subs but a big amount of views)
  • BluemontBoy (Stop making Uglydoll videos,but still makes minecraft)
  • Uglydoll Films (New Youtuber, has a decent amount of Subs and views)
  • Getket Studios (New Youtubre, Has a decent amount of Subs and views)
  • omglolbbqpizza (Retired)
  • lydz25 (Unknown)
  • OfficialRodgerParsons (Retired, account closed)
  • DarylMovie (Retired)
  • CinkoandAbima (unknown)
  • Pivotdog99 (Retired)
  • uglymedia2 (account closed)
  • supertray20/wonderwage2 (accounts closed)
  • Whocares569 (account closed)
  • Brunellkeegers (on and off)
  • FreakofNouture (account closed)
  • Whatdatstudios (An Uglydoll Youtuber who makes very good HQ Uglydoll videos and makes music too which is on iTunes)
  • Brian Spin (New youtuber that does Uglydoll videos and has a few Subs and views)
  • theuglycheese (Very little subs and mediocre videos,Still making videos,but frequentley goes on hiatus.)

There is always room for one more Uglydoll videomaker in the little community on youtube with 1768 fans and growing everyday. This is a great place to be on Youtube.

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