Ugly Guide #3


David Horvath & Sun-Min Kim

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Book Theme

Vehicles/Road Trips

 Ugly Guide 2: to Things That Go and Things That Should go but Don't is the second book in the "ugly guide" series. This book focuses on vehicles and road trips going on in the Uglyverse. It was written by David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim, the creators of uglydolls. It was published in 2009.


This is every page in this book in order from first to last:

  • Road Trip!
  • DUV: Department of Ugly Vehicles
  • Pick Your Ride!
  • Sailor Babo Mobile
  • Wage's Big Tow
  • Get Ugly Rest Stop
  • Race to the End
  • The Good ole Ugly Days of Way Back When
  • Rescue-U: We Save You From Yourself!
  • Police Vehicles & Other Ways to Stop You
  • Construction & Tough Skateboards
  • Deer Ugly 's Forest Van Ranger
  • Got Gas?
  • Ice-Bat's Sleepy, Chilly Means of Transportation
  • Ugly Customs: Boring old car + custom parts = rad mobile!
  • Full of Hot Air: Bump & Balloon Race
  • (Picture page)
  • Abima 's Chop Shop
  • Ride the Uglyway
  • The Neighborhood Drive-in Drive-thru & Snack Center
  • Burger Water Drive-Thru & Escape Pod
  • Eat & Go: Restaurants on Wheels
  • Move it! Wedgehead & Ox's moving service
  • Ugly Air: We Fly, you cry
  • Ugly Delivery!!!
  • Ox & Wedgehead 's Special Garage
  • Submarine Race
  • School Bus & After-School Busses
  • (Picture page)
  • Closure

Flap 1Edit

Under the title page, there is a flap that shows a couple of vehicles from Uglytown. They are:

1. Weather Balloon

Jeero is riding a UFO-looking vehicle with a mechanical claw. The front says "UFO" on it.

2. Mobile Home

Ice-Bat is riding a car with a small ice cave on the back.

3. Daily Grind Mobile

A generic ugly is riding a car with a city backdrop as well as the word "worky."

4. Haunted Car

Plunko and Puglee are in a vehicle with a haunted house on the back.

5. Work on the Road

A generic ugly is riding a dresser on wheels.

6. Traffic Jam

Wage and Babo are in a truck that delivers "traffic jam." This is referring to the jam that people put on foods like toast, not the traffic jam where cars become stuck on a freeway or road.

7. Super-Strange Truck (So Weird!)

A generic ugly is riding an ordinary-looking truck.

8. Mountain 2 Go

Poe is riding a van with a minurature Ugly Dragon Mountain on it.

Flap 2Edit

This flap shows a collection of Uglytown-related bumper stickers.

1. "How's my Driving While Eating?"

2. "My child goes to those sci-fi conventions."

3. "Visit Uglytown! Spend it all!"

4. "Bumper? Ugly?"

5. "I break for baked goods."

6. "Your other car is now ours!"

7. "Vote for Chuckanucka... and hope for the best."