Buddy Plush

From left to right, top to bottom: Bop 'n' Beep & Jeero, Wedgehead & Ox, Wage & Babo, Ice-Bat & Wage, Babo & Babo's Bird, Ox & Ice-Bat

Ugly Buddies is the name of a group of plushes. An uglydoll holds onto a smaller version of another uglydoll. The bigger uglydoll is around 9'' and has a pouch while the smaller uglydoll is 4''. Each ugly buddy is $20.00 from the US Uglydoll website and EUR 24,90 from the Italy Uglydoll website.

Description Edit

Everybody needs a buddy. Your buddies will have your back after a bad dream, or when it's dark or when the cookie jar is empty, but they are also there for you to share the good times. Kick the ball around? Done! Help with rude people? Yes! Help with homework? No. See, so your buddies are there like 90% of the time! But they are 100% behind you as you work hard to make your dreams come true and do what you love. Ok now get in the pouch!

Characters in this set Edit

Plushes Edit

Name Appearance Product Number Sites
Ninja Batty & Dave Darinko
Ninja Batty and Dave Darinko plush
#35790 Italy Uglydoll Site
Ugly Charlie & Ket
Ugly Charlie and Ket plush
#35791 Italy Uglydoll Site
Tutulu & Wippy
Tutulu and Wippy plush
#35792 Italy Uglydoll Site
Ox & Ice-Bat
Ox and ice-bat plush
Ox and ice-bat plush only ox
Ox and ice-bat plush box
#61001 US Uglydoll Site

Italy Uglydoll Site

Ice-Bat & Wage
Ice-Bat and Wage plush
#61002 Italy Uglydoll Site
Wage & Babo
Wage & Babo Plush
#61003 US Uglydoll Site

Italy Uglydoll Site

Babo & Babo's Bird
Babo and babo's bird plush
#61004 US Uglydoll Site

Italy Uglydoll Site

Wedgehead & Ox
Wedgehead and ox plush
#61005 US Uglydoll Site

Italy Uglydoll Site

Bop N' Beep & Jeero
Bop N' Beep and Jeero plush
#61006 US Uglydoll Site

Italy Uglydoll Site

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