Basheeshee is an uglydoll. He has a blue color body, two white eyes, a red oval nose, and two yellow round teeth. He is Big Toe's younger brother.What Is Basheeshee? Good,Nice And Huge.

Description Edit

Basheeshee has always grown up in the shadow of his big brother Big Toe. Mostly because Big Toe is HUGE! Well Basheeshee is huge too, not in size or muscle mass like his also blue bro, but in his capacity for love, caring, understanding, and letting his ears down to rock it baby, that's correct! Math is his favorite art class! Add that up honey!

Merchandise Edit

Plushes Edit

Plush Name Apperence Product Number Cost Height
Basheeshee #10459 $20.00 (USA) ~12''

Comic Books Edit

Basheeshee cartoon

Basheeshee Cartoon

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